BarCamp Philly 2018
2018-11-10 rotate table
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F 45
Emacs Intro (Spacemacs)
Daniel Shumway
SSH keys with YubiKey
Charles Rumford
Faith, Sacrifice, Grace
Bala Peterson
F 50
Design for Cognitive Bias
David Dylan Thomas
Dev Self Care
Angela Andrews
F 55
You Suck At Getting Good
David Timony & Torin Hill
How You Can Start a Podcast
Darian Davis and Victor De Anda
F 60
Design Fiction
Joel Eden
Why Won't You Hire Me?
Martin R Schneider
Health at Any Size
Sarah Burbee, RD, CD
Is the internet dead?
David Larochelle
F 65
Conversational Design
Jessica Warhus
Train Your Brain
Jim Connor
Try again
Daniel Shunway
F 70
Barbara Donnini
Chad and Lisa
F 85
Dark Patterns 101
Upma Singh
F 86
Anatomy of a Programmer
Dawson Marshall
Tim Brislin
Living in conflict
Lou Hochman
F 88
Mob Programming - Whole Team Collaboration
Anthony Sciamanna and Nick Goede
How to build your tribe
Angela Andrews and Charmel Sippio
F 92
Improvised Design
David Farkas
Testing from scratch
Daniel Shumway
F 94
empty slot