BarCamp Philly
2008-11-08 rotate table
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1215 (12th floor)
1219 (12th floor)
What is Agile Software Development and how do I make it work?!
David Bulkin - Center for Program Transformation
1221 (12th floor)
1321 (13th floor)
Phila Computer Community - PANMA and PACS
Reed Guston - Delta Angel Design
1329 (13th floor)
Build a Drupal Site in 20 min.
Mason Wendell - Canary Promo + Design
1355 (13th floor)
Social Networks for Offline Communities
Dave Konopka, Karen Leary, Becky Sweger
Rethinking the .edu
Geoff DiMasi - P'unk Ave.
1361 (13th floor)
Innovation in Corporations
Arpit (ideal) - Aaron H. (reality) both w/ Comcast
704 (7th floor)
706 (7th floor)
Perfect Pitch - Finding and TellingYour Story
Megan Wendell - Canary Promo + Design
Beginning Ruby
Keith Bennett
831 (8th floor)
Coding for the Mobile Web
Reed Guston - Delta Angel Design
833 (8th floor)