BarCamp Philly 2014
2014-11-15 rotate table
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F85 (W.Grand Stair)
Google Chrome
Jack Amuratis
Your City, Your Data
Lauren Ancona, Chris Alfano
Philly Game Scene
Kataro Fujita
F90 (W.Center)
Jonathan Belcher
Disruption and Innovation
Christine Forester
F92 (W.Center small)
Be the Change
Whitney Hoffman
Blogging + Marketing
Cecily Kellogg
Making Remote Work, Work
George Purkins
F94 (W.Drum small)
How To Use iMovie
Emma (8 years old)
Mobile UX in 2015
Michael Raber
F95 (W.Drum)
You Are Not The User
Shawn Berven
Heuristic Story Telling
David Fiorito
F45 (E.Drum)
F50 (E.Escalator)
Intro to WordPress
Reed Gustow
Come On...It's in the Requirements
Abby Fretz, Sloan Miller
Social Sponsorship
John S. James
How To Be Creative
Joe Zeoli
Web 0.9
Greg McGee
Ruby Motion & Accessibility
Austin Seraphin
F55 (E.Escalator)
15 Years Later
Tim / Steve
Way To Go
Keith Gregory
F60 (E.Grand Stair)
Conference Speaking 101
Corey Latislaw
Ask a Tech Manager (Anything)
Kimberly Blessing
F65 (E.Restrooms)
Let's Talk About Schools
Tom Panzarella
Agile Living
David Dylan Thomas
Your Resume Sucks - Here's How to Fix That
Nicole Pieri, Martin Schneider
Vote Wise
Spencer Snyder
F70 (N.Behind Stairs)
Funding the Content Revolution
David Dylan Thomas
Building BarCamp
Your Organizers!
Geek Theater
Andrew Larkin